Get to know me

Hello my lovelies, I want to use this page to write a little bit about myself, for you to get to know me!

I’m 21 years old from the north west of England, I am a mother to a 2 year old girl and my greatest hobby is reading, and as I have plenty of spare time on my hands whilst at home with my daughter I decided one night to sit and create a blog, to share my love for books (or my dislikes every now and then) with you all. If you’re looking for a blog seemingly written by an A level English student with the best use of vocabulary and 16th century ways of speaking then look elsewhere, I am simply a young mother, who reads too many books and wants to put my thoughts out there, I really hope to see you over on my blog, I will be uploading as often as possible, any suggestions or questions then feel free to follow me on instagram (link will be on the main page) and send me a dm

My loves are as followed;

-My family (cliché I know!!)


– Harry Potter (I am in fact a Ravenclaw)

– Disney

– Candles

– Mugs

Typical book nerd I know! I hope you know all you need to know about me and hopefully you enjoy reading my posts! ♡