Close to home- Cara Hunter review

TW- sexual/physical/mental abuse, selfharm, suicide

Before I start getting into my thoughts on this book I just need to make one thing clear.. CARA HUNTER IS AN ABSOLUTE GENIOUS!

Close to home is the first book in the the DI Adam Fawley series Adam Fawley and the rest of the team are called to investigate after 8 year old Daisy Mason mysteriously disappears from her family’s garden during a late night barbeque which they are hosting for the neighbourhood. It’s up to Adam and the team to find Daisy, figure out what happened to her and why.

I absolutely loved this book! I picked it up this morning and literally just couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it, Cara without a doubt had me hooked from the very beginning! This book is FULL of unlikeable, unpredictable characters, secrets, plot twists and it had me questioning every move made throughout the entire story! I had no idea who to trust. And if there’s one thing I had to applaud Cara for when it comes to this specific book is the mystery aspect, the mystery just keeps on going! If I’m completely honest I genuinely thought I had it all sussed out, I got so close to the end thinking I was all set to be the next sherlock holmes, climbing up on my pedestal and then right at the end, just as my confidence was hitting the verge of cockiness, we’ll let’s just say I was knocked down a peg or two and BOY WAS I GOBSMACKED!

As I stated earlier, many of the characters were extremely unlikeable, which is to be expected in a crime novel really, how else is the writer supposed to get you suspecting anyone and everyone?? But there were several characters we get to learn more about, learn more about their pasts and their childhoods and it really was heartbreaking to read, I found myself really sympathising with people even those who may not have deserved it.

Close to home is seriously one of the best books I have ever read, gripping, suspenseful yet funny, thrilling (shocker I know!) and all in all extremely entertaining, there are so many twists and turns, the premise of the entire book is incredible and I cannot fault the plot/character development! It blows me away how much effort Cara obviously put into developing the story and letting the reader see into the lives of her characters!

I loved the fact that there was so much in this book besides just the typical narrative, the interviews, the tweets, the news articles, each little addition that was thrown in there made the entire book so much more exciting, I felt like I was really there, getting an in depth look into the investigations and being able to follow along with the characters, it’s something I’ve never experienced in a book before and I thoroughly enjoyed it, definitely a good addition to the story!

The only slight fault I found was that there was the odd occasion where I was slightly confused as to who’s POV I was reading from and it took a bit of confused reading before I got to a point of realising who was who, but that didn’t cause much of an issue for me and It didn’t affect my overall reading experience.

I highly reccomend this book to anybody looking for a “keeping you on the edge of your seat” read, someone looking for a bit of excitement and suspense! I personally Love love loved this book and I gave it 5 stars!


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