You cant hide- Sarah Mussi review

TW- abuse

I’m going to start off this review by letting you know JUST HOW MUCH I wanted to enjoy this book, it sounded right up my street, however I was extremely disappointed and I spent maybe 75% of my time reading the book willing for it to end!

You can’t hide is a YA thriller told from our main protagonist Lexi’s POV, she wakes up in a treatment centre, barely able to move and certainly unable to remember why she’s even there, all she knows is that herself and her mother fled from England to America to escape her mum’s abusive boyfriend, but everything from then on is a blur. We follow Lexi’s road to recovery with the help of her aunt Gillian and her friend Crystal and her desperate attempts to piece together the mystery that is her life.

I found that basically almost every character in this book was either VERY immature or bat sh!t crazy! Or in our main protagonist’s case, a bit of both! Every decision lexi seemed to make had a strange, angering effect on me, not only was there a weird over the top instalove with someone she maybe spoke too 5 times for all of 10 minutes before she was “madly in love with him” but she kept continuously putting herself and her mother in danger to carry on being with this person, I don’t know I just think she had a very unhealthy obsession and it was just weird, and selfish.

Not like Lexi’s mother was much better, as a mother myself I honestly do struggle to see how she could stay there letting someone not only abuse herself but to physically and emotionally abuse her child too! but when she finally had the strength to take her daughter and run she did absolutely NOTHING to try and give her daughter and herself a better life. She just laid in bed day in day out on Facebook, drinking occasionally, other than those little details we don’t actually see anything or hear anything of her which I just find irritating as in my eyes she should have been one of the most important characters.

Another thing that didn’t mesh very well with me was the actual writing itself, it seemed so repetitive and simplistic, if you took out everything that didn’t need to be there and only kept in any relevant or actual plot development then you’d be lucky to have been left with a short story. Not only that, but I felt like the whole story ended up being so unrealistic and far fetched and everything together just made it a rather unenjoyable reading experience for me.

Faults aside, I do still think that the premise of the book is great, if it was written slightly better and maybe more time was spent on the overall plot and character built up then I could 100% see myself enjoying it! Sarah mussi had the opportunity to really raise awareness for domestic abuse and really write something great and inspiring and i was really routing for her to push the boat out and do it, again leaving me disappointed.

Thank you to Netgalley for sending me an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review, I gave this book 1.5 stars


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