Frozen charlotte- Alex Bell review

I don’t even care, I loved this book!

Alex Bell got me creeped the hell out! I mean, I don’t usually get that spooked when reading, but I got up during the night after finishing it and found myself sat looking through my bedroom door into the darkness, alost positive I could feel those ice cold, tiny little plastic hands creeping their way around my face/neck! *shudders*

In this book we follow our main character Sophie, a 15 year old girl who’s bestfriend mysteriously passes away after they use an ouija board app. She then goes to the Isle of skye to visit her uncle and cousins who live in an old schoolhouse, she hasn’t seen them since she was much much younger and before the terrible, SECRETIVE events took place which unfortunately took the life of her cousin Martha. Now whilst Sophie is staying with her cousins she soon realises this isn’t any ordinary school house, strange noises, secrets and a set of creepy dolls threaten to ruin her visit and she’s determined to figure out what is going on, what happened to her cousin and the other young girls who lost their lives here and just what is the deal with those frozen charlotte dolls… They’re just dolls… Right?

I HATE dolls, always have and let’s be honest I probably always will so this book was definitely always going to be a good scare for me, the suspense and the way the author has yu constantly second guessing yourself and questioning who the bloody hell you can ACTUALLY trust is just spot on. I was constantly finding myself going backwards and forwards between loving and hating characters, trusting them one second and then questioning their motives the next, talk about an emotional roller-coaster!

The premise of this book really was quite different (to myself anyway) I’ve never read anything like it before so I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it, I will say I wasn’t a huge fan of how quick everything moved in the first chapter or so, we kind of just jumped straight in to it without much of a backstory or a build up, and then we were jumping from week to week up within a page or so until Sophie left to go to her uncle’s house, I would have liked to have seen how the previous events had affected Sophie, more of a build up to the plot and the events to come?

I highly reccommend this book to any haters of all things plastic and doll like and to anyone just looking to lose a bit of sleep in general really! And I gave it 5 stars!


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