The quiet you carry- Nikki Barthelmess review


The quiet you carry follows 17 year old Victoria after she finds herself being thrown out of her house at 3am by her “father” surrounded by flashing lights, police officers and social workers. She’s placed in the care of Connie, the well known, extremely controlling Foster mother in a town not quite close enough to home for Victoria. During this book, we see Victoria do everything she possibly can to try and survive her senior year, adjusting to her new life in the chaos that is her Foster home, forming new relationships and trying to understand the events which lead to that fateful night.

I cannot stress to you enough just how well Nikki portrays life for a teenager in Foster care (not all cases, but for many!) and the problems within the system itself. You see how understaffed and over worked they are, handling so many cases at once that they can’t possibly build the relationships or offer the help needed to each individual child. Children feeling so alone and not knowing who to turn to, struggling to adjust and the only people they should be able to talk too, being far to busy. It’s absolutely heartbreaking!

For once I can happily say I didn’t hate the majority of the characters in this book, I found myself on such an emotional roller-coaster alongside Victoria, smiling with her, laughing with her, and even crying with her, just hoping she could find the strength and the answers she was looking for. I also had quite a soft spot for Christina and Kale, Christina was such a loveable character, I was sceptical at first, unsure wether they would just turn out to be the typical, two faced popular kids just looking for a bit of information, but their quirky, charming characters and the way they were there for Victoria (even when she was being quite hostile towards them) completely won me over. I may have even found myself swooning over the obvious lust between Kale and Victoria (so clichè I know)

Now the only characters I found myself disliking (apart from daddy dearest obviously) were Tiffany and Connie. However! The further I got into the book and the more I learnt about both of their individual situations and began to understand why they were how they were, the more I began to sympathise with them both and actually began feeling sorry for them both, I mean neither of them were hardly without their baggage or shy of hard times!

Several hard hitting topics are touched upon in this book, so I suggest if you are slightly more sensitive to any of the topics I mentioned in the trigger warning in the beginning of this post then maybe to avoid this book, although I honestly think that Nikki Barthelmess did such a fantastic job with her writing and the way she approached each topic, as heartbreaking as it was to read I think this is definitely a book everyone could benefit from picking up! Teaching us to find the strength we may not have even known we had inside us and that no matter what happens, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! So grab your tissues and dive right into this book, I know I don’t regret it!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars!


2 thoughts on “The quiet you carry- Nikki Barthelmess review

  1. The Quiet You Carry sounds like a great read. It touches on some really important subjects too so I will definitely add it to my Goodreads 🙂 Thanks for the sensitivity warnings.


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