A list of cages- Robin Roe review

Trigger warning- abuse & Potential spoilers
Wow, just wow
This book Is the first to have had me balling in a while!

A list of cages is based on 17 year old Adam who has ADHD and 14 year old Julian who has dyslexia, the boys are Foster brothers for 8 months after Julian’s parents are tragically killed in a car accident, before Julian is sent off to live with his dead auntie’s husband Russel. Now russel isn’t home a lot but throughout the book we discover some haunting secrets about Julian and his uncle Russell’s relationship

Several years later Adam is asked by the school Councillor to “befriend” and get to know a freshman boy who’s struggling with making friends and just fitting in in general, this freshman just so happens to be Julian. From then on we see Adam take Julian under his wing and start to rebuild the relationship they had all those years ago, bringing him into his circle of friends, taking him out and really just bringing him out of his shell and encouraging him to step out of his comfort zone.

I absolutely love this book, I almost can’t bare seeing Julian cowering away from the world and seeing the way people treat him, he’s just such an innocent soul and it really does go to show that sometimes the people who really do deserve the world get crapped on the most! The fact that Robin Roe has filled this book with so much from her own personal experiences and the children she has worked with is absolutely heart breaking, yet such an eye opener! I love when writers use personal experiences to write their books, it gives the book so much more depth and sentiment and it really does show in the quality of her writing!

Speaking of which, can I just say, PASS ME THE TISSUES!! Robin roe does such an amazing job tugging on the ol’ heartstrings and It’s honestly been so long since a book has made me feel as broken as this made me feel, the way she describes the abuse that goes on between Julian and his uncle just got me, I found myself not wanting to carry on reading those parts but being so invested in what was happening in Julian’s life and having that realisation hit that this type of abuse is happening every single day made me unable to actually make myself put it down, I’m going to be feeling the effects of this book for a while!

One thing I will say however is that I did find at times that the book was dragging a little bit (AT TIMES! DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!) And I did feel like some of the characters were a tad immature considering most of them were turning 18, but regardless of that I loved seeing so many relationships develop, between Emerald and Adam, the way the whole gang just took Julian in and loved him like big brothers/sisters do and more importantly between Charlie and Julian! The development of not only individual characters but the relationships between characters were so lovely to read and left me feeling so refreshed!

I’m so ashamed it took me so long to pick up this book and so happy I chose to join in with cosyathon 2018 (ran by Georgia from Readingeuphoria and zoe from Readerbee on YouTube) where challenge 1 was to read this for the group book.

I highly reccomend this book, and I gave it 4.5 stars!


8 thoughts on “A list of cages- Robin Roe review

  1. Great review! “he’s just such an innocent soul and it really does go to show that sometimes the people who really do deserve the world get crapped on the most!” And I completely forgot that she’s writing from personal experience! Julian was so lovely and wonderful and everything that is right with this world. I hope Robin Roe continues to write more books from her personal experience because this was amazing.

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